Maintaining your brakes is essential in ensuring your vehicle is safe to drive, here at Grimsdyke Service Station we cover all aspects of the braking system. We can carry out routine checks to make sure your brakes are working effectively and if necessary replace any worn parts from Brake pads to ABS moduels.

There are some signs you can look out for that may signal that your brakes need checking, these include; brake pedal is pulsating/vibrating, brakes are making a clicking noise, brakes make a grinding or screeching sound, or the vehicle pulls to the side when braking.

Please be aware although during an MOT the brake function is checked, the actual condition of pads and shoes is not checked as the wheels are not removed. Brakes are fully checked during our Interim and Full Services.  

If you have any concerns about the condition of your brakes please call us to book an appointment  on 020 8954 4392



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