• Grimsdyke Service Station offer a full Air Conditioning Service which includes:

    •     A full visual inspection
    •     Recharging refrigerant to recommended levels
    •     Adding fresh system oil
    •     Checking the operation of the air conditioning system
    •     Adding dye to check for potential leaks

    Book an Air Conditioning Service for only £60 + vat.

  • Maintaining your brakes is essential in ensuring your vehicle is safe to drive, here at Grimsdyke Service Station we cover all aspects of the braking system. We can carry out routine checks to make sure your brakes are working effectively and if necessary replace any worn parts from Brake pads to ABS moduels.

    There are some signs you can look out for that may signal that your brakes need checking, these include; brake pedal is pulsating/vibrating, brakes are making a clicking noise, brakes make a grinding or screeching sound, or the vehicle pulls to the side when braking.

  • Having a problem pulling away or driving up hills? Grimsdyke Service Station can complete a free clutch function check, which should allow us to determine whether your clutch is faulty before starting any work. If you think that you are having problems with your clutch give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.

    We cover a wide range of Clutch and Clutch related repairs at competitive prices. These include;

  • As cars have become more advanced, the number of dashboad warning lights have increased significantly. An illuminated warning light means your vehicles has detected a potential fault, and the vehicles computer will have logged one or more diagnostic codes relating to the problem and turned on the warning light to alert you.  

  • Timing belt replacement is the “must-do” service operation which every car owner should know about. Along with that knowledge, we should be aware of whether our engine is considered an interference engine or not. These two bits of information can, at a minimum, save us from unexpected breakdown and in the extreme can help us avoid ££££ in repairs.

  • Even the simple exhaust system has not escaped control by the automotive computer. In addition to performing its traditional functions of directing hazardous gases safely away from the vehicle’s occupants and reducing exhaust noises to acceptable levels, it has become a primary component in reducing automotive emissions.

    Exhaust System Maintenance Tips

    * Check for leaks in exhaust every 20,000 miles
    * Check hangers and exhaust system supports every 20,000 miles
    * When a catalytic converter fails, it is illegal to install a junkyard replacement

  • At Grimsdyke Service Station we work closely with a local Gearbox specialist who covers all gearbox repairs or replacements. They all come with a 12 months or 12,000 miles warranty.

    Call 020 8954 4392

  • Understanding why a relatively inexpensive head gasket costs so much to replace means first realizing what it sits between. In the engine block are pistons that travel up and down in cylinder bores. The pistons are connected to rods, which in turn are connected to a spinning crankshaft from which the vehicle takes its power. Bolted to the top of the engine is the cylinder head. Inside the cylinder head are valves that open and close to let air and fuel into the cylinders and expel the spent exhaust gas.

  • Car suspension and steering systems are a basic but essential part of your vehicle. Car suspension endures a lot of wear and tear through pot holes and speed humps. After time this takes its toll and can easily damage the suspension and streering. Suspension parts that are worn can have a knock-on effect on parts such as tyres and and other suspension parts and these can become dangerous, making the car illegal to drive. We can carry out repairs and upgrades to any make or model.

  • Many vehicles today come with a factory installed turbo. These so called “turbo-charged” engines have a turbo attached to the engine under your bonnet. If your vehicle has a factory installed turbo you need to keep careful watch on your engine performance as these devices have been known to fail. When a turbo does fail your engine performance will be greatly diminished.

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