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We stock a wide range of tyres for both Cars and Vans. If we don't have your size tyre in stock we can get it same day if you order before 10.30am.

Our prices include:

  •     Tyre
  •     Fitting
  •     Balancing
  •     New valve
  •     Scrapping of the old tyre
  •     VAT

so what we quote is what you pay!

All our work is carried out by fully trained staff who have extensive experience in making sure your tyres are not only safe but are the correct tyres for your car.

We also do puncture repairs and wheel alignment to make sure you get the best possible life out of your tyres.

Call us today for a quote 020 8954 4392

Remember to have your size to hand - Refer to the illustration below or call we will be happy to help.

Tyre size

  • Wheel Alignment or tracking, is important for good road holding and to maximise the life of the tyres. Hitting a kerb or driving at speed through a pot hole can result in misalignment. To have your wheels aligned by us simply book an appointment using the "Book Now" option at the bottom of this page.

    Our web wheel alignment offer is for the 2 front wheels to be aligned. This is due to the fact that although every modern car can have its front wheels adjusted.

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